Fake Blogversary 2017

Let me start by addressing the problematic blog title. I’m really confused as to when my blogversary is because when I started this blog back in 2014 (back when it was a hot mess of randomness) I started it on 4th of April AKA my birthday! 🎈🎈

But now that I have given it a complete makeover and made it into a whole NEW blog, I feel like I should celebrate blogversary on the day it, ahem reincarnated.

HOWEVER, since today is my birthday and I haven’t posted in a long time, I decided to celebrate a fake blogversary anyway. 😀 It’s like having two birthdays! (At home, we actually do celebrate 2 birthdays. On would be the day according to the Gregorian calendar and another day based on the tamil calendar. How neat is that.)

On this glorious summer day, I’m grateful to be filled with positive thoughts and minimal anxiety (in other words, glad NOT to be usual self) I received lots of wishes from my friends and ate delicious home cooked food.

I like to treat my birthday as a day to renew my new year resolutions and to keep them alive. Even though I’m irregular in updating the blog, making this blog to express my thoughts on books is one of the best decisions I made in 2017.

I’m hoping to keep reading many wonderful, thought-provoking books and keep this blog going and I’m hoping to have your support for that! 🙂

P.S I love remembering birthdays! Let me know when your birthday is in the comments? 🙂

~ Mathangi.



Comment if convenient. If inconvenient, comment anyway. ;)

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