About Me

I suck at self-descriptions so I have come to rely on borrowing from bespoke generic ones such as the Zodiac, MBTI types etc. Here, let’s try this again.
I’m Mathangi. I’m an Aries, an INFP, and a hot mess. Nice to meet you. 🙂

I’m a compulsive fiction reader who reads for the pleasure of escaping reality and to go on adventures without actually setting foot into the scary real world (told you I’m an INFP).

I write reviews sometimes because I have strong and loud opinions that cry out to be added to the cacophony of the internet (typical Aries).

Other than reading books, I immensely enjoy buying books. No, I don’t mean shiny new books from air-conditioned book stores (well, I like that too, obviously) —I truly enjoy scouring through dusty old book shops in street corners where they stack books floor-to-ceiling with no order or ceremony. I go to used-book sales with no particular book in mind, spend hours and hours browsing and come out with an arm-load of hidden gems that others have somehow missed. I would not call myself a ‘collector’ as such, but if I find a different edition of a book I already own and love, you bet your left kidney I’m grabbing it.

TL;DR: I buy, read, and ramble on about books; I also wear glasses and drink lots of coffee (basically, a walking, talking “nerd” stereotype)

I don’t post reviews often because I have a full-time job but when I do, you’ll find that I read a lot of backlist books, some popular and some lesser-known ones covering a wide-range of genres. That’s because I have accumulated a considerable collection from the old book stores around my city. Most new books I review are the ones I have requested for from sites like Netgalley and Edelweiss.

I do have a review policy in place, please check it out if you’re interested in asking me to review your book.
I also have a fancy new profile on Booksirens, if you’re into that sort of thing.

That’s all, folks.
(thanks for reading. *curtsies*)

If you’d like to chat with me about books and such, please come on over 🙂 I’d love to hear all about you. I’m nice and don’t even bite. I’m active on Twitter and Instagram and I don’t sleep.

PSA: This used to be my personal blog like I have mentioned in this blog makeover post so some of my (*slightly cringey) older posts are intact. Just a general warning.


Hi. Just me with the crazy eyes, taking a selfie with my baes.

Contact email : thewordgluttonblog@gmail.com

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