About Me

Hi there! Thank you for visiting my blog 🙂

I’m Mathangi – your typical introvert that enjoys quiet time with a book, a cozy bed and lots of coffee more than anything else. It’s all about getting away from the real world and into a magical one full of fantastic adventures.

My favourite genres include : Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Mystery, Detective fiction, Thrillers, YA Lit.

Having fostered a fascination for the written word right from my childhood, discovering books has been the best thing that happened for me (also – I don’t get people who think reading is uncool. What a sad life they must lead)

When I’m not stuck at my full-time job, I sneak in a bit of reading whenever I can. Other than reading, I also enjoy singing, watching TV, sleeping, or generally doing nothing (it is an ART, I tell you)

I will make use of this space to record my bookish adventures : Book reviews, book hauls, discussions, general fun bookish interactions and such.

PSA : This used to be my personal blog like I have mentioned in this blog makeover post so some of my old posts are intact. Just a general warning so you don’t get alarmed. 😀

Anyway. So if you’d like to chat with me about books and such, please come on over 🙂 (really, I’m cooler on the internet than I am in real life and I don’t even bite. You are safe. For now)

           Hi. Just me with the crazy eyes, taking a selfie with my baes.picMheart.jpg

Contact email : thewordglutton01@gmail.com



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