Kindle-ing the Reading Fire

I’m a huge fan of e-books. I know many readers don’t do e-books because they prefer to keep things traditional, some even dislike reading this way but I find them immensely practical. I spend more time in commute and at work than at home which meant sneaking in a couple of pages at work is easier with e-books than paperbacks. BUT I’m sure you know reading on the phone puts a great strain on the eyes even with the a good e-reader. Don’t even dream of requesting for that comic from Netgalley to read on your phone, if you’d like to retain your eyesight. If you, like me, read in bed – well, you’re done for. Enjoy your teary, burning eyes and sleepless nights.

This is where my knight in a shining armour (more accurately, a fetching matte black finish) swoops in and saves the day. YES, I bought a Kindle Paperwhite!!

I’ve yearned for a Kindle for as long as I’ve known about it, but found it a tad too expensive for my budget. Even now, I vacillated between the All New Kindle e-reader and Paperwhite. There’s a whooping Rs 6000 price difference and the only significant difference in the features is that Paperwhite comes with a built-in backlight. But that makes all the difference in the world for someone like me who cannot fall asleep without reading a couple of pages. I finally took the plunge and went for a Paperwhite (thanks to a really helpful Amazon giftcard.)

At the risk of sounding over-dramatic, I’d say Kindle has changed my life. I’m obsessed. I never leave the house without my Kindle in the tow, like it’s a really knowledgeable and reticent conjoined twin of mine. It has truly changed the way I look at e-books. Its white surface looks just like paper with ink on it and the backlight illuminates just enough so you can read but not enough to hurt your eyes; this was quite a transition for me because I’d gotten so used to squinting at my phone.


In the first month, I went crazy and read as much as 8 books – all in the Kindle. It must be a personal record for me because I never get to read more than 4 books a month. To top it off, Amazon has amazing deals on e-books and offers lots for free as well. Not too long ago, I found all 5 parts of Ponniyin Selvan, a classic novel in Tamil Literature for as cheap as Rs 12. Quite lucky, considering it’s a massive book and I’d never get around to reading it if I had a hard copy. This is not to say I’m substituting Kindle for paperbacks. E-readers can never match the smell of a real book and the tactile satisfaction of holding a book in one’s hand – reading does feel far more personal that way. But e-books are just really convenient, especially for my circumstances.


Don’t they say all good things must come to an end? Well, I was afraid the novelty would wear off soon, but I’ve only gotten more familiar and comfortable with the device (ridiculously comfortable,  seeing as how I sometimes touch difficult words in paperbacks hoping they’d show me the dictionary entry:D) Buying something and then wallowing in guilt and regret is second nature to me (I’m an Indian with a painfully middle-class upbringing, what do you expect?), but this would be one purchase I’d never regret. 🙂

Happy reading! 🙂

~ Mathangi.



Fake Blogversary 2017

Let me start by addressing the problematic blog title. I’m really confused as to when my blogversary is because when I started this blog back in 2014 (back when it was a hot mess of randomness) I started it on 4th of April AKA my birthday! 🎈🎈

But now that I have given it a complete makeover and made it into a whole NEW blog, I feel like I should celebrate blogversary on the day it, ahem reincarnated.

HOWEVER, since today is my birthday and I haven’t posted in a long time, I decided to celebrate a fake blogversary anyway. 😀 It’s like having two birthdays! (At home, we actually do celebrate 2 birthdays. On would be the day according to the Gregorian calendar and another day based on the tamil calendar. How neat is that.)

On this glorious summer day, I’m grateful to be filled with positive thoughts and minimal anxiety (in other words, glad NOT to be usual self) I received lots of wishes from my friends and ate delicious home cooked food.

I like to treat my birthday as a day to renew my new year resolutions and to keep them alive. Even though I’m irregular in updating the blog, making this blog to express my thoughts on books is one of the best decisions I made in 2017.

I’m hoping to keep reading many wonderful, thought-provoking books and keep this blog going and I’m hoping to have your support for that! 🙂

P.S I love remembering birthdays! Let me know when your birthday is in the comments? 🙂

~ Mathangi.


Put ‘Pro’ in Productivity for a change

If you are a chronic procrastinator like me, you are probably well aware that the only thing we do not procrastinate is procrastination itself.


Avoiding procrastination, to me, always seems a more difficult task to accomplish during the tail end of a year.
Every time I want to start a new habit or a routine, my scumbag brain goes ooh it’s gonna be new year in a couple of months! why don’t we make it a fresh beginning!!!111.
*covers ears* lalalalala I don’t hear you, brain!
(nor you, Aragorn)

Thinking about it, I realized that getting a head start on new routines ahead of new year can actually prove to be very effective, because 1) you will have time to get a feel of it and may be change up a few things if they don’t work out. 2)  your resolutions have less chances of being given up on – beginning the new year with the burden of multitude new routines can be quite daunting and is possibly the primary reason of many failed new year resolutions.

If it takes less than two minutes, then do it now.
This particular quote has stuck with me ever since I read it somewhere; I love the striking simplicity and practicality of it (I even have it taped onto my wall!)

I do believe that following this will certainly help getting in small and easily overlooked tasks out of the way, leaving us with more time to think and act on the big stuff we have planned for ourselves.

So let’s see. That email you haven’t responded to? do it now. That book(s!) you bought long ago but never got around to read? start now. read a couple of pages. That little pet project you were so excited to get started on? cut the proverbial ribbon; initiate the baby steps now. That story idea you got while in the shower? Rustle up the first draft before it slips away. While you’re at it, go drink a glass of water. Eat a banana.
Leading by example, I’m planning on starting a journal and a few other creative tasks this November and I’m doing it now! (well, not right now but definitely sometime this month…)
Good luck for a productive end of the year! 🙂

Why do we bother with reading

….or more accurately, why do *I* bother?

If you like to read, have you ever wondered why is it that you like to read?

I confess I hadn’t given it much thought, not until recently.

Perhaps it is because words are fascinatingly weird. Words are what if not just a random set of letters repeated over and over again? They shouldn’t really make sense, but they do more than make sense: they are capable of evoking all kinds of emotions and get your brain’s gears going. The sheer amount of effort on humanity’s part that has gone making this happen is staggering.

But I digress. I’m probably not the most qualified person to discuss etymology or linguistics…

In the past year, though I’ve gotten busy with work, I managed to read quite a bit. I discovered new books, expanded my reading lists and even re-read some of my favourite books. I think it has kept me sane, normal even.

If left alone for a period of time, I either drift off daydreaming or latch onto something with words in it. Books, Quora, Twitter, blogs, pamphlets, signboards…you get the gist.

Of course, people tend to notice this kind of behaviour and are quick to point out that it apparently is ‘antisocial’. Instead of the customary “how are yous” I often get “why do you read all the time”

What do you say to something like that? My immediate response is just a shrug and a smile which people don’t seem to mind as, at that point, they’ve already written me off as “oh she’s always like that” and moved on.


But I’ve turned that question over in my head… who wouldn’t like to read about far-away magical kingdoms, or draw comfort from the tales of ordinary persons achieving extraordinary things? Who doesn’t like to give in to the power of the written word and pretend all is well with the world? Surely this must be it, right?

Turns out I’ve got one more major reason: Reading somewhat quells my anxiety. It fills my head with these new words, ideas, and feelings, giving me something nice, something other than my own anxious thoughts. (For this reason, periods of reading slumps have become difficult to deal with; although music helps, just about.)

Thanks to my introverted tendencies, I find that engaging with people all the time can be mentally and physically exhausting. People simply don’t get the difference between introversion and antisocial behaviour. But reading in public is, I know by experience, a great way to turn off people from talking to your face. Rude? possibly. but I’ve got to put my mental well-being first, haven’t I?

Other than books, I think blogs are exceptional media. I read, admire, marvel at the ability of humans to pour out their emotions, even the most mundane daily events in such beautiful prose. It inspires me to write. I may not be very good at writing, (I’d like to imagine writing as a skill one can acquire, like cooking. Still working at it…) or generally expressing what I feel, but when I read it feels like I have these words popping up and swimming around in my head and I need to liberate them. I know that the only way I can write is if I read. So I do just that.

In the meantime, if someone comes around with another “why do you read all the time”, a shrug-and-a-smile is all they are going to get.

If you have felt similarly or if you’ve figured out what drives you to read, please comment below? I’d love to hear! 🙂

New Beginnings

Hello there!

First off : yes, it’s been a year. Yes, I’ve been alive this whole time. Mmm, where the hell have I been, you ask? Right here, my friend, right here. I guess I’d just gotten a bit…mm.. super lazy..?

OK let’s not be unfair, not entirely lazy;

Life hasn’t been same after my last post – I’ve got a full time job which keeps me busy 5 days a week (everybody knows that weekends last only 10 seconds)

My sleep cycle’s out of whack (thanks to work *grits teeth*) so I’m napping at every opportunity I get which leaves a lot less time for other things.

Internet on my computer hasn’t been at its co-operative best, and I HATE typing on my mobile phone. (I’m *still* not comfy with typing on touchscreen, like the luddite I am)

You can see how discouraging the circumstances can get for an already lazy girl.

Honestly, I can go on piling the excuses – not any more. If I’ve realized anything in my year long hiatus, it’s that if I don’t make the conscious decision to set aside time for stuff I’m always going to be short on time.

Keeping this blog updated was one of my New Year resolutions (no need to laugh, thanks?), so I gotta start somewhere right? I figured I won’t get a better day than Vijayadasami day to go about doing that. (For the uninitiated, Vijayadasami is the tenth and last day of Navarathri (Dussera festival) which celebrates the triumph of good over evil. It’s also considered a very auspicious day for new beginnings.)

If you’re still reading :


One Year of Blogging!

My blog just turned one! How has it been a year already?! :O pardon the cliche but Time truly does fly! Honestly, when I created this blog I had no idea what I was going to do here. I still have no idea what I am doing here, but it hasn’t been too bad, you know?

Admittedly, I chose this day for a slightly sentimental and selfish reason of it being my birthday. Just so I don’t have to remember an extra date. 😛 I’m really glad and thankful for the timely release of my idol Shreya Ghoshal’s ghazal album Humnasheen as it gave me the perfect topic to start things off with!

I know I haven’t been too regular with my posts, the reason for which mostly being laziness. I’m hoping the coming year will be an eventful one both personally and for my blog! Thank you for following, reading and commenting on my gibberish. I really really appreciate you all. Truly. (you’re doing great, please continue to do so :D)

Here’s to another year full of interesting events that are potential candidates for successful blogposts! 😀



Limericks are a very fascinating form of poetry, in my opinion. The rhymes and the alliterations used truly render a light-hearted, fun element to a poem. There’s a whole episode called “Limerick” in the BBC Radio sitcom Cabin Pressure, and I’d say my interest in limericks was piqued primarily because of it. (I highly recommend Cabin Pressure, btw. Like Arthur Shappey would say, it’s brilliant!!)

Now the reason I’m saying all this is, I tried my hand at writing one for this Writing 201 course with today’s prompt being “Journey” – alright, it’s not exactly a limerick. but cut me some slack, I almost got them to rhyme forth and back!

From time to time I find myself,

Falling prey to a farcical farsickness.

A craving to journey,

To wander about in the wilderness,

But the reverie breaks,

with a question that aches,

When I get there, will there be Internet?

Feedback much appreciated. 🙂

(Image source : Google)