Haiku : Life



Rough sea, slashing waves

sailing through with broken oars

I’ll sink or survive?



A Thespian’s Life


Silvery cloud curtains hanging low,

Backlit by a peach-orangey glow,

chirping out a melody, many a bird

making a fine new medley.

Puppets at the ready, there the stage lay

Set anew for the day’s play.

Dampener of a morning

Day 5’s prompt was Fog, Elegy, Metaphor. Right, that’s not difficult at all. I know I’m super late but if I procrastinate anymore, I’d fall back a 100 days. So I wrote up the first thing that came to my mind and here it is.

The first arms to embrace me in this world were yours

You cradled me, sang to me and loved me even when I kept you up for hours

I bit you, fought you but your love for me wavered never

The apple of your eye I certainly was and I will pride on it forever

Immortal I imagined you were, for your likely loss never did in my mind hover

On a stormy damp morning, you drenched me in terror 

I cried a river, eyes fogging up over and over

Your words ring so clear, my dear grandmother

Memories of my youth with you shall remain only sweet never sour

I hope you safely did cross the bridge over

Hang in there, ’cause I’ll come over some day to trouble you forever and ever

I’m not sure if this has metaphor at all because I completely forgot about it while writing. also, is it elegy enough? Would love to hear comments, suggestions for improvement 🙂

Trust – Acrostic

I did it! I wrote an acrostic, can you believe it? I can’t. It may not make a lot of sense, but I enjoyed breaking my head, trying to string the words together.

Tread lightly you must,

Remember the shards of trust you forgot to dust,

Unravelling you showed me your true hue,

Suspicions I long subdued, now feel like interludes in

This fine song where things went nine kinds of wrong.

Do tell me what you thought. 🙂

Trust the Doctor

Here I am, on Day 3 of this wonderfully stimulating course. Today’s prompt is Trust and form is Acrostic. AND internal rhyme? wow. That was not in the least bit easy for me. Whenever I got the acrostic right, the rhyme gave me the slip and vice versa. *dramatic sigh*. so, after three failed attempts I watched a bit of Doctor who. and accidentally wrote a poem about the Doctor himself. I might try an acrostic again and update but for now, let me post this. didn’t want to keep it to myself. 🙂

“Send me help” she sat and prayed,

The reply was not a moment delayed,

A raggedy man with a rickety gait, 

Fell from the sky seeking her aid,

He looked young but claimed to be aged

She thought he was out of whack

For he wanted apples and beans and every other snack

But something about his face, that didn’t demand a smack

Instead, made her open up about the very scary crack

That blue box was a time machine, he claimed,

“I won’t be five minutes” said he, unrestrained,

She’d heard it too often, now she couldn’t even feign,

“Trust me, I’m the Doctor” – he did it again. 

Little Amelia did. She waited and waited.

And 12 years later, when it didn’t even matter,

There he was again, did he think she was naive?

he was the Doctor, who may not know how to behave

But never breaks his trust and the word he gave.

Thank you for your patience 🙂


Limericks are a very fascinating form of poetry, in my opinion. The rhymes and the alliterations used truly render a light-hearted, fun element to a poem. There’s a whole episode called “Limerick” in the BBC Radio sitcom Cabin Pressure, and I’d say my interest in limericks was piqued primarily because of it. (I highly recommend Cabin Pressure, btw. Like Arthur Shappey would say, it’s brilliant!!)

Now the reason I’m saying all this is, I tried my hand at writing one for this Writing 201 course with today’s prompt being “Journey” – alright, it’s not exactly a limerick. but cut me some slack, I almost got them to rhyme forth and back!

From time to time I find myself,

Falling prey to a farcical farsickness.

A craving to journey,

To wander about in the wilderness,

But the reverie breaks,

with a question that aches,

When I get there, will there be Internet?

Feedback much appreciated. 🙂

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Having pushed aside many blank documents, discarded drafts and a whole bundle of laziness, now I’m back.

I came across this interesting course for poetry writing here and thought “hey, why not!”

Now, rhyming words, alliterations, metaphors etc etc, do endlessly fascinate me and I love them. but that doesn’t make me a poet. The thing is, I wouldn’t know because I’ve never tried beyond the “roses are red violets are blue” types. That’s basically why I didn’t want to let this go without even trying.

Today’s prompt is Water and it’s supposed to be a haiku but I’m obviously a noob and couldn’t confine it to the proper line/syllable count. Bear with me.

How are you

life-giving as a mother

furious as a volcano

irrepressible as a wild gust of wind

How are you

so colourful

for a colourless liquid?

I’d be happy to know what you think of it. also, I hope to keep this going. Wish me luck!

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